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Relocating to Malta

The Maltese Islands consist of Malta, Gozo and Comino. They are lovely peaceful islands ideally situated almost at the dead centre of the Mediterranean between Sicily and North Africa. Malta is one of the best ports of call in the world and its ideal climate, peaceful way of life and natural beauty compliment the English speaking population rich in cultural and historical heritage. 

Many people have decided to relocate to Malta. They must have their reasons. Is it the climate, is it the safe environment, is it the tax benefits, is it the excellent residency conditions? Actually there are many more reasons to consider when relocating to Malta. Read on and you might actually consider making this dream of yours a reality. Some people purchase property in Malta with the idea of using it as a second home, some buy it as a place of retirement. Others buy property in Malta as an investment, while others even buy with rental in mind. So many of these people end up finding themselves spending more time each year in Malta for so many different reasons. 

Malta has recently been voted as one of the safest places in Europe to live in. Surely this is a priority on ones lifestyle. The Economist Intelligence Unit has only just published a report which is yet another feather in Malta's cap, which certifies it as among the best places to live in the world. In recent months, the island scored high on International Living magazines Quality of Life Index, Transparency International's anti-corruption report, not to mention the Happy barometer compiled by a Dutch University. 

Buying property in Malta is quite a simple and straightforward procedure, but when you are being guided by an experienced, trustworthy, property consultant, then it seems even easier. Fortunately property in Malta has always appreciated steadily. Having joined the European Union in May 2004, we now find property in Malta is certainly proving now an even better investment. 

Good reasons for relocating to Malta


Malta is a republic with a democratic system of Government

Very pleasant and mild Mediterranean Climate

Safe environment

Tax benefits

Mainly bilingual population (speaking Maltese and English)

Political Stability

Modern telecommunications infrastructure

Excellent standard of education with all tuition in English

Excellent banking centre including major international banks

Reasonable cost of living 

Rich cultural and historical heritage

Excellent boating facilities with superb marinas, services and facilities

Frequent flights to and from Malta including low cost airlines

For further information on the Maltese Islands please visit the recommended websites listed on the Other Links page.





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